Spirited Away – A movie review by 6 year old MissObservation-0

Spirited Away – A movie review by 6 year old MissObservation-0

Hi everyone! Welcome! My name is Phoenix and today I’m going to be talking about the cartoon movie, Spirited Away. Uhhh… I didn’t get it. It was a little bit, too much confusing. It’s like I was in a dream or something. It was really bizarre. I kind of didn’t like the movie. Because there were a little bit of yucky parts, some scary parts, and I didn’t get the movie because it’s a little bit confusing.

So this is what happened in the movie. I mean, I might not explain it very well, because I guess I didn’t really get it. But… there’s this girl, and her name is Chihiro. And she’s really whiny sometimes. And her parents and Chihiro are going to a new house and get lost and they end up in this old creepy park. Nothing is there except an old restaurant and Chihiro’s parents are really hungry and they start eating the food from the restaurant. But Chihiro doesn’t want any and that’s good because when Chihiro’s parents eat the food from the restaurant they turn into pigs and that’s the gross part.

Then Chihiro starts walking around. And all of a sudden her arm starts disappearing. Just like in the movie, Back to the Future part 1 when Marty McFly is playing the guitar and singing. So Chihiro meets this boy called Haku and he says she needed to eat a little bit of food at this place or else you’re going to turn into a ghost like all the other ghosts that are floating around.

So then a bunch of crazy stuff happens. Like when Chihiro’s feet got stuck to the ground. And when Chihiro had to hold her breath while crossing this bridge. And then there’s this bird that has a human face that’s looking for Chihiro. And Chihiro thinks she’s dreaming and she can’t wake up. And all of this stuff is bizarre and I didn’t get it.

Then Haku tells Chihiro to go down into the basement and she meets this spider guy and he’s creepy but he’s also kind of nice. And there’s these little dusty, furry balls and they have big googly eyes and they are also very nice because they kept Chihiro’s shoes warm.

So then Chihiro meets this nice girl and her name is Lin and she takes her all the way up to the top of the building because she’s a laundry girl and that’s where they meet Yubaba. Then Chihiro is given a new name and her new name is Sen. And Sen has to work with Lin and they have to give spirits baths in the bath house. And do the laundry for them.

So then a bunch of crazy stuff happens again. Yubaba turns into a bird and flies out the window with her pet bird with a human face. And then Yubaba has a big baby and I don’t know how that works. And then Sen, you know the girl that was Chihiro but her new name is Sen, she goes to find her parents but they’re all pigs and she can’t find them. And then there’s this black ghost with a white mask on it’s face I think. The black ghost with the white mask helps Sen out by bringing her some soaps so she can clean off the yuckiest, gooiest stink monster, because he wants to take a bath. So Sen washes the stink monster and then, since Sen did a great job on doing that it wasn’t a stink monster anymore. It was a very clean and beautiful and shiny river spirit. As a gift to say thank you, the river spirit gave her a little magic meatball and she thinks she can put the meatball insider her parents so they can become humans again. So Sen takes the little meatball, that’s magic, and tries to go find her parents. But while she’s doing that, the black monster with the white mask is eating everything in the bath house. Eating all this food and giving gold out to people. But it’s not real, it’s fake.

Sen get’s back to the castle and she sees this white dragon being attacked by little paper birds and she goes to help the white dragon. Then we find that the dragon is not a dragon, it’s Haku. And Haku is almost dying because those little paper birds cut him pretty bad. And so there’s this big lady that looks like Yubaba but it’s not. It’s actually Yubaba’s twin sister. And she turns the baby into a little mouse and then they fall into the boiler with the spider guy and the little fuzzy ball thingys with the big googly eyes. And Sen gives a little part of her magic meatball and saves Haku’s life because he’s almost dying.

So Sen has to go deal with the big monster because he’s getting out of control. And she gives him the rest of the meatball and he throws up. He even throws up the people that he ate and it’s really gross. But then he turns back to normal. So Sen goes with her friend, the black ghost with the white mask, and she goes with the big baby that turned into the mouse, and she goes to Yubaba’s twin sister’s house to return the golden seal that Haku had stolen. Then Haku comes because he’s all better and Yubaba’s twin sister says, “I will forgive you if you take care of Sen.” And so Haku took her and they all went to Yubaba’s house together. On the way back to Yubaba’s house Sen helped Haku figure out what his real name was. I don’t want to ruin it for you cause it’s really special.

At the end, Sen passed her final test from Yubaba and get’s to go back home with her parents. So there was a lot of stuff going on in this movie. And I kind of didn’t get it or understand it that well. But I do know, at the end of the movie, she was not as complainy and whiny as she was before when the movie was starting. I think what it was trying to say was that Chihiro is trying to be a better person? I don’t know. So this was the first movie review recommendation from my fans. And that was the end of my review of the movie, Spirited Away. I’m sorry it was so long but it was a long cartoon movie. Thank you for watching I’ll see you next time, goodbye.

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