Spirited Away , such an inspiring movie. Okay, I'll depict this from my PoV. This movie, has such a unique way to describe the plots, characters and the story itself. We can also expect that some Ghibli's movies have typical ending like this one. Beside the other movies, I am interested, only, in Spirited Away. The ending made a big question in my mind, how would the relationship between Haku and Chihiro continue on? Hayao Miyazaki-san, you're such a great director, making such an ending that always making me curious until 11 years since Spirited away has been published. Fantastic.

We'll get straight to my point. Some of the fans of this anime are mistaken by the opinion that Chihiro still remembers Haku after she left the Spirit World. In fact, not. Logically, when it comes to such a mysthical world and a human enters it, it would be catastrophic. If Chihiro still remembers this, then the presence of the spirit world would be seeked by all the people in this world to look for the truth of mystichal things. Also, for random people, would they believe in her story or maybe they think that she's such a crazy freak? So, sealing Chihiro's memories is the best for her and also, for the spirit world itself. What about Haku? We have some options about him.

1. Read for Haku's character wikia. I've added some of hints inside of his trivia about what japanese and english different kind of cases.

2. Either he'll be free or still be chained by his contract.

3. If he was free, how could he go back home? Remember that the presence of Kohaku river is being corrupted by human residence?

4. He'd go to human world? how? he's a spirit and he'll be the same with Chihiro when she entered the Spirit world, she's starting to be transparent, and if she didn't eat, she'd be completely disappeared.Now, can those people (or Chihiro) see him in human world?