Hey everyone, Chakra again.

I've started to make pages for the actors who voiced different characters in Spirited Away. I've made 4 so far, and I'm no where near done. This is why I need YOUR help. Here's how to make a page for a voice actor:

1) Make sure that the page isn't already made. Search up the name in the Search box, found in the top right of the wiki. Make sure you're not making any typos and etc.

2) Go on the IMDB page for Spirited Away that can be found here. See the list of voice actors? Make a page (that isn't already made) with their FULL NAME. Even if they're only known by their first name, full name (for example, Mako is known as Mako. But we want is full name, which is Mako Iwatsuma). You can make a page by clicking the button in the top right of the wiki that says "contribute", then click "creat new page". Type in the actor's full name

3) When you make the page, follow this format: picture (set at 300 px), a mini biography similar to this format: "<ACTOR'S NAME> is an American/Canadian/whatever country actor/actress who provided the English voice of <link character>"

4) Then after that, make three headers which can be made by putting two equal signs (==) before and after the heading title. The three headers should be: "selected other credits"(with three equal signs before and after), "Television work"(two equal signs before and after), "Filmography"(two equal signs before and after), and "Other works"(two equal signs before and after). Television work is for shows that the actor has participated in, filmography is for movies, and other works is for video games and short films.

5) Now to list the credits, do it in bullet form. You can make bullets by putting an astric (*) before a line. Television work should be listed in alphabetical order, filmography should be listed in chronological order, and other work should be listed in alphabetical order.

6) Now this is the tricky part. To actually link the actor's credits to the IMDb page, do as follows:

1) Go to the IMDb page of the actual credit to the movie (for example, Jason Marsden (Haku) click on Lion King 2 like here.) Then find the series of numbers and letters in the link after it says For example, in the Lion King 2 page it is tt0120131. Copy this number.
2) Now use this format to link in the bullet list. Remember that television work and other works is alphabetical, filmography is chronoligical (and you put the year behind it in parentheses). You do bullet (*), space, two brackets ([[), IMDb:<INSERT THAT SERIES OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS YOU FIND IN LINK>, |(this symbol can be found on top of the back slash), two apostrophe marks (), the title of the credit, two apostrophe marks (), and two brackets (]]).
  • [ [IMDb:tt0429305|American Dragon: Jake Long]] It would look like this, except in the beginning with the two brackets, there would not be a space between them.

Alright, that's about it. If you need a sample of the format if it was a bit confusing, you can visit here and look at the coding for the IMDb credits. If you want to look at the picture and biography coding, look here where I've already made a page, but haven't put on the credits yet.

Thanks guys, and happy editing!


Oh and PS, I adopted the wiki by contacting wikia. As a result, I am the new admin/bureacrat. So, ah, if you have any questions feel free to contact me on my talk page. If you'd like to have admin rights, contact me as well and I'll evaluate your contributions. I'll be making many blog posts from here on out about reviving this wiki. Peace out yall :)