Hey yall, it's Chakra again

I just wanted to let yall know that I have now enable several things on the wiki:

1) Community Comments. This means anyone can comment on any article!! YAY!! But this also means those lovely internet trolls can comment a bunch of swear words, profanity, etc. Please don't, it's not cool. And if you see anyone do it, notify me on the next feature I'm about to tell you about....

2) MESSAGE WALLS!!! YAY!!!! These will replace talk pages. The difference between message walls and talk pages is that message walls, you can clearly write a subject and a body without having to learn coding and stuff. Yay :D

One rule though: You may not delete wall posts unless they are clearly profanity, cursing, or if they are off topic to Spirited away/the wiki.

3) And save the best for last, CHAT!!! WOOT WOOT THE CHAT IS NOW OPEN HURRAY HURRAY. What the chat? It's a place where you can click "join the conversation" and talk to people about ANYTHING :D

Alright that's it for now till I find some new news to bombard yall with, Happy editing!