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Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film released in 2001. It was directed, written, and produced by Studio Ghibli's Hayao Miyazaki.

Plot SummaryEdit

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A young girl and her family move to a new house, but on their way they take a wrong turn and come upon the entrance to the Spirit Realm. With her mother and father transformed into pigs (and potential meals for the spirits), ten-year-old Chihiro must depend on the help of the inhabitants and workers of the Bathhouse, as well as her own courage, to survive, save her parents, and return to the human realm.


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Spirited Away won an Oscar in 2002 for best animated feature, making it the first anime to ever win an Academy Award. Spirited Away also picked up a number of other awards around the world, including a Saturn Award.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Spirited Away was created without a script
  • The river spirit was inspired by Miyazaki’s experience cleaning a river
  • The characters' names reflect who they are
    • Boh means little boy or son,
    • Kamaji means old boiler man
    • Yubaba means bathhouse witch
    • Zeniba means money witch
    • Chihiro means a thousand fathoms or searches
    • Sen, just means thousand.


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