Akiichirō OginoAkiichirō Ogino/Image GalleryAlways with Me
AniyakuAniyaku/Image GalleryAogaeru
Aogaeru/Image GalleryAwards and AchievementsBath Tokens
Bath Tokens/Image GalleryBohBoh/Image Gallery
BooksChichiyakuChichiyaku/Image Gallery
Chihiro Ogino (Sen)Chihiro Ogino (Sen)/Image GalleryChihiros death
Chihiros new hair-tie, what does it do?Daveigh ChaseDavid Ogden Stiers
Haku (Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi)Haku (Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi)/Image GalleryHaku remembers his name, but Yubaba still has his contract, so he can't leave right?
Hayao MiyazakiIchiyūko OginoIchiyūko Ogino/Image Gallery
Japanese StaffKamajiKamaji/Image Gallery
KaonashiKashiraKashira/Image Gallery
Kasuga-SamaKasuga-Sama/Image GalleryKompeitō
Lin (Rin)Lin (Rin)/Image GalleryMari Natsuki
Maze GohanNo-Face (Kaonashi)No-Face (Kaonashi)/Image Gallery
Onama-SamaOne Summer's DayOotori-Sama
Ootori-Sama/Image GalleryProcession of the GodsQuestion: What is the purpose/function of the golden frog "thing" that Haku -- ultimately returned by Chihiro -- stole ?
Radish SpiritRadish Spirit/Image GalleryReprise/Again
Rumi HiiragiShikigamiShikigami/Image Gallery
SootballsSootballs/Image GallerySpirit Realm
Spirit Realm/Image GallerySpirited AwaySpirited Away (Film)
Spirited Away Image AlbumSpirited Away OSTSpirited Away Wiki
StatueStink SpiritStudio Ghibli
Susan EganSuzanne PleshetteSwamp Bottom
The BathhouseThe Bathhouse/Image GalleryUnnamed River Spirit
Unnamed River Spirit/Image GalleryUshioniUshioni/Image Gallery
Voice ActorsWhat's the function of the golden frog "thing" that Haku stole from Zeniba?Why does Haku tell Chihiro to not look back until she reaches the end of the tunnel?
YubabaYubaba's BirdYubaba's Bird/Image Gallery
Yubaba/Image GalleryYunaYuna/Image Gallery
ZenibaZeniba's CottageZeniba's Hopping Lantern
Zeniba's Hopping Lantern/Image GalleryZeniba/Image Gallery

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