List of Japanese Staff for the Spirited Away movie. NOTE:This page is incomplete at the moment

Chief Executive Producer :

	Yasuyoshi Tokuma	 	 

Producer :

	Toshio SUZUKI	 	 

Original Story & Script :

	Hayao Miyazaki	 	 

Music :

	Joe Hisaishi	 	 

Theme Song :

	"Itsumo Nando Demo"	 	 
	Wakako KAKU	 
	Yumi KIMURA	 
	 	Music Arrangement:
	Yumi KIMURA	 
	Yumi KIMURA	 

Supervising Animator :

	Masashi ANDOU	 	 

Art Director :

	Youji TAKESHIGE	 	 

Production :

	Studio Ghibli	 	 

Director :

	Hayao Miyazaki

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