Bath Tokens

バス トークン


Basu tōkun

Location (s)

The Bathhouse

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The Bath Tokens (バス トークン, basu tōkun), also referred to as Soak Tokens in the English adaptation, are painted, wooden tags with unique symbols from the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. They are used to exchange for certain herbal remedy baths in The Bathhouse.


The markings on a Bath Token dictate its expensiveness and possible effects. The more expensive the Bath Token, the better the herbal soak. Bath Tokens are distributed to both paying customers and workers serving customers.

The quality of this token seems to depend on the wealth of the customer and (in two cases) the status of the worker requesting it. It may also depend on the properties of the spirit being bathed, seen when a worker requests a token for the Radish Spirit and is given a "Sulfur Soak Token". (Although, this could be due to being a regular guest of the Bathhouse and knowing which spirit requires what token.)

Method of UseEdit

After obtaining a token, the worker assigned to a particular bath opens a small hatch in the wooden walls. The hatch has a small-but-very-stretchable, purple string attached to the Boiler Room. When attached to the string and pulled, the tag will automatically be brought up to the Boiler Room where Kamaji mixes special herbs into the water to be sent back to the bath via a wooden pipe (pulled down by a rope).