After Chihiro/Sen is appointed as Lin's assistant, one of the next scenes is Haku walking steadily up stone stairs as he makes his way to see Yubaba leave the bathhouse, transformed as a "bird" in her cloak, while he is still in his human form in all the scenes. However, this "staircase" is circular and sort of becomes "upside down", with the steps going up and then around the ceiling. So how did Haku make it to Yubaba's room?

Although Haku is a magical spirit, he is never seen in the movie flying or levitating in his human form, and definitely never seen as being able to "glue" himself to anything, such as the upside down steps of the stone staircase. Was something cut from the English version that would allow him to walk upside down to Yubaba's room, or did we just not see him transform into a dragon in order to fly up to her room after he could no longer walk "up" the stairs and then transform back into a human as he saw Yubaba off?