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For the first trivia, which challenge is it referring to? I am re-watching the film for the 70th time in Japanese as I'm writing this and the only challenge Yubaba gave Chihiro from what I can see is when she allows Chihiro to sign the contract, and at the very end when she told her to find her parents among the pigs. However neither of these challenges involves Haku.

As for the second trivia, it's completely wrong. The closest word to "lord" that has the pronounciation of "Haku" is 伯, which means "count" or "earl", both of which are foreign titles and definitely won't be used to refer to an ancient spirit like Haku. On top of that it's rarely used for this meaning, most of the times it means "uncle". However, "Haku" does mean both "White" (as he is a white dragon), and "Amber" (珀, taken from 琥珀, also meaning amber, which is in his real name). I can understand why whoever wrote this was confused though - the word 主 (Nushi) in his real name does mean "master/ lord/ overseer".

These trivia are really misleading for people who are not familiar with the film, so I would like to have these removed if nobody has any problems with it.

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Thanks for noticing the trivias. As for the first one, yes, the only challenge Yubaba gave Chihiro was finding her parents among the pigs, which she never mentioned Haku at all, need correction at trivia there.

As for the second one, since its cater to Japanese meaning of the "Haku", I'm not sure of the trivia itself, but if your translation of Haku coming closer to as you've translated above, you're welcome to change it by the way.

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