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Lin's/Rin's Real Name

We know Yubaba steals most of the kanji of each employee's name to have some control over them, leaving them with one symbol of their original name. In the manga series Fruits Basket, the girl Isuzu Sohma is nicknamed "Rin" because one of her Japanese name's kanji symbols creates this name when alone.

So could Lin's/Rin's real name have been "Isuzu"? How big of a chance is there for this?

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You raise some very good questions

Thank you. Could you answer this, please, as well?

I don't think the two are related. But I guess it might be possible?

I was NOT saying the 2 different characters from different Japanese stories are biologically related. I was just bringing up a suggestion/theory for Lin's (or Rin's) real name before Yubaba took most of her kanji.

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