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Chihiro's Memories: Japanese vs. English Versions

Does Chihiro remember the Spirit World after returning to the car in the human world?

Miyazaki stated she doesn't remember anything and has gone back to being her previous pessimistic self. That's true for the Japanese version, but she seems to remember something important is back there in the English version when she completely looks back, and also appears more optimistic/courageous than before. Her better appearance is because the English version added extra dialogue at the end about her school, and she looks like she's fine with going to a new school, with Chihiro saying: "I think I can handle it."

So does she remember in the English version or not?

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Let's just say the Japanese version is different from the English version. She lost her memories in the former and retained her memories in the latter. It's up to you to decide which one you're going to believe in. (I'm with the English one)

And it's all because of the line, "I think I can handle it."


I'm definitely with the English version, since I can't bear to have her lose her memories. (I know it's because of the line "I think I can handle it.", and I kind of stated that in my post.)

And now, I wonder, will her memories ever come back to her later in life in the Japanese version, after what Zeniba said? (Although there isn't an actual sequel.)

And also, what was the whole point of the Japanese movie, then, if Chihiro at least doesn't remain more courageous/less pessimistic than before, even with losing her memories?  Sure, the movie is fun to watch, but Miyazaki stating that she went back to her previous self means that she lost all her courage and other skills that she got from being with spirits, so what was the point?  It seemed like Miyazaki was trying to show her that when moving to a new home (in this case, the bathhouse), it's not that hard to make new friends (Lin, Kamaji, Haku, Zeniba, Boh), and you shouldn't be so scared/pessimistic/etc.  So with Chihiro going back to her old self, what was the point, Miyazaki?!  She needed that courage for her new home in the human world, too!  She's going to be an annoying girl, and no one in her new human school is going to like her for quite a while!

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