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Haku (as a Dragon) Falling + Directions --- Difficult movie question!

When Haku (in dragon form), Chihiro, and the transformed Yu-Bird and Boh (riding on him) fall through that rectangular hole while he still has the gold seal in him, he goes straight down. This takes him to a huge "cavern", where he almost lands on a bunch of "shadow-looking" spirits. There are many holes in the cavern's side, and he flies up and then goes to one of the holes.

Going through this side hole, without changing directions, takes him through a "tunnel" that eventually takes him through the fan that's at the top of the boiler room, thus landing in Kamaji's room. Why, when going to the side, does Haku actually go DOWN? Kamaji's room isn't at all to the side of Yubaba's room; it is at the very bottom of the bathhouse! Chihiro had to go down all those stairs! Sure, the place is "magical", but this just isn't logical. Can someone explain this?

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At first, I think that when Haku realized they are gonna crash at the bunch of "shadow-looking" spirits and he swirled in the air for a few moments, he must have changed direction (or the tunnel he went through is not on the wall). So I had to rewatch that scene 5 times to give you a proper and valid answer. But alas, you have an excellent point. ALL OF THE  HOLES ARE AT THE SIDE. The only thing I can say is that there must have been a cut scene where Haku changed direction in the tunnel before he hit the fan. That is all.


I guess that would be the only explanation.  And yes, there have been scenes changed from the Japanese to English version, sometimes only in dialogue.  But what would have been so bad in Haku's flying scene of changing direction in the tunnel that Disney employees had to cut out?  It's not like Chihiro wasn't dressed or something, and unlike "4-Kids Entertainment", which cuts out blood scenes in Japanese shows to English versions, Haku was actually seen with blood.  So what was so bad about a scene they could've cut out about him just flying?  Those shadow spirits were weird enough, so what was worse in the flying scene?

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